Body language, know what to observe!

The battle against terrorism can only be won if we can predict what’s going to happen and anticipate on indicators. In daily life we use observation skills, profiling or digital tools monitoring signs of deviant or suspect behavior as it comes to safety. But what about human skills to decipher body language when it comes to reveal the truth? 

Body language is the movement behind thoughts and as such respons of brain activity. Questioning a suspect without intimidation or stress allows better result as the body shows fluently when we control our speech or speak spontaneously. From gestures to facial expression or double thought, the body reacts immediately on a cognitive process, even if we don’t want to… 

When it comes to observe bodily movements it matters to know what to observe in the context of speech and exchange. Let’s take the example of Obama, emotionally touched while talking about expanding background checks on firearms purchases in the U.S.


The picture shows Obama's movement with his left hand to wipe the tears. Emotionally touched by the danger of firearms since he is also a caring father with young children, the movement of the hand is open wiping tears away on the left side of the face, while the direction of the eyes reveal a glimpse of future events that might happen. The intervening hand shows us involvement and responsibility regarding the subject (arms). 

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