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Beginner & Advanced studies Body Language / Non Verbal Communication

Body language is integral part of human communication. Understanding bodily movements helps to distinct the reliability of what is said.

Identifying and measuring bodily reactions reveal a hiatus in the communication and offer ways to anticipate and questioning.

With bodysystemics (formula), the method allows classification of bodily information and offers ways to separate fact from fiction.

The Dutch Expertise Center for Body Language is renowned for its science based education and training programs. The licensed BSM- program is available in English, Dutch & French and accredited by professional organizations in the Netherlands.    

University of Amsterdam (Feb. 2019) 

lecture psychology students 


Body language, an empiric study in the field of communication sciences

Upcoming Masterclasses: 

October 4,  November 22,  2019

Improving communication skills

Int. Congress Non Verbal Communication, Oct. 2018 Amsterdam, organized by ELN - Expertise Center for Body Language Netherlands.

Training & Master programs

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