Expertisecentrum Lichaamstaal Nederland

Advanced study of non verbal communication

The Center for Non Verbal Studies (ELN) is a research center for non verbal communication located in Amsterdam, Holland.  

The Center's mission is advanced study of human communication in all its forms and offers science-based study of bodily communication.

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Expertisecentrum Lichaamstaal Nederland is connected to the CRKBO en PE-online and works together with  Bodysystemics® and the Swiss Association of Specialists in Non-Verbal Communication. The curriculum of the institute is based on scientific knowledge from Psychology, communication-and neuroscience and behaviorscience. It follows the paradigma’s of the social constructivists such as the Palo Altogroup, where the relation (individual and its context), a better understanding of intention, emotion and motivation in the verbal context is primair, with understanding of cultural differences. The Institute works in the field in collaboration with international organisations in public safety and education Bodysystemics® and the Swiss  Association of Specialists in Non-Verbal Communication

The institute is registered at SKJ, the Dutch youth care workers' organization.

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