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Beginners & Advanced studies Body Language - Non Verbal Communication

Body language is integral part of our communication. As soon as we start a discussion our interlocutor provides us non verbally important information about his/her thinking process. Understanding body language helps us to understand what is not said aloud. 

Expertise Center for Body Language (ELN) is known for quality and content of this new empiric study and provides science based accredited education in non-verbal communication. 

Expertise Center for Body Language (ELN) is based in Holland.

Founded by Gerard Stokkink,  the Institute offers extensive study of non verbal communication based on multi-discipline research.  

The licensed BSM- program (English, Dutch , French) is accredited by professional organizations such as SKJ Youthcare.    

"the body speaks before we start talking"   

Lecture at the University of Amsterdam (2/2019) 

Dept. Psychology

Introducing body language as an empiric study within communication sciences.

Masterclasses body language

April 5 2019

May 24 2019

June 21 2019

Improving communication skills -  courses in English

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