Expertisecentrum Lichaamstaal Nederland

Advanced studies in non verbal communication

The Center for Non Verbal Studies (Expertisecentrum Lichaamstaal Nederland) is an institute for studies in non verbal communication, located in Amsterdam and offers courses for professionals such as security, lawyers, youth care and many others.


Deciphering the working of the human mind from the structure of his body language

It is impossible to be reasonable if we are to have no emotions. Both mind and brain are involved in the manufacture of reason.

Better understanding of brain mechanisms allow us to distinguish important things from less important things and prioritize the information. 

If emotional activity is located in the brain, our emotions become legible on the body. 

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Expertisecentrum Lichaamstaal Nederland (ELN) is accredited by the largest organization of youth care workers SKJ and CRKBO. 

ELN makes use of the method Bodysystemics® in collaboration with the Swiss Association of Specialists in Non-Verbal Communication.  

The institute makes use of multidisciplinary concepts and scientific insights such as psychology, communication- and neuroscience and follows the paradigma’s of social constructivists such as the Palo Alto group. 

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Het E.L.N. werkt samen met de Zwitserse Vereniging van Specialisten in Non-Verbale Communicatie en is aangesloten bij het kwaliteitsregister Bodysystemics voor jaarlijkse na-scholing.