Expertisecentrum Lichaamstaal Nederland

Advanced studies non verbal communication

Expertise Center for Body Language (ELN) is based in Holland. Founded by Gerard Stokkink, former director of the Dutch Institute for Synergology, the Institute offers an extensive study of non verbal communication which is based on multi-discipline research, based on the BSM-method, a transparant tool to decipher bodily communication. Today, the licensed BSM- program is accredited by professional organizations. BSM in Holland is exclusive at ELN and available in English, Dutch and French language.  

Improving communication skills -  courses in English


Masterclasses in 2018:  June 22, July 9, August 31, September 29 and October 20

Trainings include theoretical concepts, practical application and video-analysis.

Price: € 395.- (all-in). Hours 9:30 - ± 17:30 u.   

Location: vd Valk Conference Auditorium Amsterdam-Schiphol-A4 

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