Expertisecentrum Lichaamstaal Nederland

Advanced studies non verbal communication

Expertise Center for Bodily Communication (ELN)' is based in Amsterdam area (Holland) and founded by Gerard Stokkink, formerly director of the Dutch Institute for Synergology. The institute offers highly developed studies of the non verbal based on multi-disciplinary research, such as neuro- and communication- sciences, psychology, and kinetics. ELN-trainings are based on the BSM-method, a transparant tool to decipher bodily communication.

The institute is accredited by Netherlands largest professional organization of youthcare-workers SKJ and collaborates with international organisations for public safety and educational purposes.



Gerard Stokkink studied psychology and cult.antropology and worked with Philippe Turchet, compiler of synergology, between 2002 and 20015 before he introduced BSM into the Netherlands in 2016.  Today, our licensed BSM- program is highly recommended by professionals and exclusive available at ELN in different languages.  

ELN follows the paradigma’s of the social constructivists, like the Palo Altogroup, where the relation (individual and its context), a better understanding of intention, emotion and motivation in the verbal context is primair, with understanding of cultural differences.


Training location facility: vd Valk Schiphol Airport

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