2nd European Congres Non Verbal Communication & Body Language

In 2018 the European Congres on Non Verbal Communication will be organized by ELN and therefor held in the Netherlands in October . ELN invited five body language experts to share their latest scientific research and introduce new methodologies, and there is a chance more experts will come to be invited for the congres in Amsterdam (program so far).

Chairman of the congres in 2018 is Gerard Stokkink, founder of Expertisecentrum Lichaamstaal Nederland (ELN). Gerard will open the congress and share thoughts on the emotions involved by body language. Herman Ilgen MA  brings results from his research of repetitive facial movements at the University of Amsterdam. The Leiden University is represented by Dr Mariska Kret who did reseach on the body language and emotional behavior of monkeys and will explain the link with human behavior. Drs.Nancy van Beest specialized in the human voice and dicovered why the factual message often does not correspond with our perception: which factors determine how we interpret a voice, can you influence this and do we subconsciously rate a voice?  As a keynote speaker we are proud of the presence of Ir. Rabah Aiouaz from Switzerland who will explain the Bodysystemics method. The BS- method helps to better understand your interlocutor through his bodily movements and gives quickly inside information about intention or motivation. Today, the BS-method is applied in Spain, Turin, Switzerland, Russia and Italy, in particular by juridicial, police and criminal investigation, in coaching and healthcare.

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