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The body cannot lie

Our body 'language' is the natural outlet for emotions. The multidisciplinary study of body language lies on the intersection of neuroscience, communication sciences, kinetics and psychology and kinematics has an important impact on reading body language.

The functioning and properties of the brain is essential in the correct understanding of body language.

Body langue is integral part of communication

ELN webinars and seminars provide an insight how the used elements of scientific studies provide a meaning to body language.


Gestures, axis of the head, positions of the hands and body, eye movements and so on give meaning and an insight into the functioning of the brain and the way in which the functioning is expressed by the body.

Gérard Stokkink: "In communication sciences people first try to understand what a person thinks or feels and then seeing how the body behaves in order to learn. Now we know that if we observe the body precisely we can discover what a person really thinks and feels.

Learn what to observe is the core of study.

The human brain is involved in everything we say, feel and think. Two areas in the brain work closely together: the cognitive and emotional brain. The cognitive brain (neocortex) controls conscious processes that we can influence and that you use to decide what to say or what not. The limbic system (emotional brain) responds unconsciously. When we feel an emotion, a meaning is quickly given in this section translated by physical reactions of the body. This unconscious process is much faster than the cognitive process."


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The role of emotions



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