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Gérard Stokkink is founder of the Dutch Expertise Center for Body Language (ELN).   After his studies psychology and cultural anthropology in the seventies, Gérard worked as a composer in the music business until 2008.

In 2001 he started his studies in the non verbal field in the US, Canada and France. He graduated in synergologie in Paris (2005) and specialized in the intercultural differences.

In 2011 Gérard introduced the empirical study as a minor at SPH/ MWD at the University of Amsterdam UvA/HvA and founded the Institute for Synergologie in Holland in collaboration with P. Turchet. 


In 2016 Gérard founded the Expertise Center ELN in order to integrate the method within Bodysystemics into the extended study for professionals, such as judges, lawyers and people working in the field of communication, training, coaching and psychology.


In 2022  the Expertise Center ELN specialized in forensic reseach of bodily  movements in court for judges.

Today, Gérard is a frequent speaker on the radio and a well known guest speaker at universities and training institutes.

Body language as part of communication science

photo: University Lecture (UvA) - Faculties of Social Sciences & Psychology
photo: University Lecture (UvA) - Faculties of Social Sciences & Psychology

 Structuring the complexity of non-verbal responses, the empirical knowledge can be implemented immediately.  Its transparancy and high quality of multi-disciplinary concepts allow a fast intake.

The accreditation by professional organizations is the confirmation of ELN's education and educational material.


ELN is the only Dutch organisation recognised by the Swiss Association of Specialists in Non-Verbal Communication, the international quality register for specialists which guarantees the accreditation including further training of specialists in the Netherlands.  To be certified specialist, all students must pass a final exam and submit to personal research papers.


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