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Body language as integral part of communication

ELN offers an interesting programme: the complete interaction between the spoken word and body language


The meaning of body language: understanding the observation technique and content of body language.

Five modules packed with information about physical reactions during a conversation.

Each module consists of 2 teaching days. Start with the basic module, after which you can choose from:

Module 1 Basic module (mandatory); the functioning of the brain on the body based on multidisciplinary scientific concepts

Module 2 Content and meaning of gestures: cultural differences and logic of gestures.

Module 3 Content and meaning of the hands to the body or face during a conversation: the lexicon of body language.
Module 4 Hidden messages of the tongue and mouth: the unspoken thought and its meaning.

Module 5  Congruence & Truth Finding. Asking the right question. Cognitive Load and Incongruity: Two Different Ways to Distinguish Fact from Fiction.  (module 5 requires module 1 to 4).

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Zoom Webinars by appointment. Individually or in groups

Costs per (day) module € 390.-p.p. Groups (from 6 persons)  € 300 p/p.



The master's program consists of ten two-day modules (20 teaching days) spread over 10 to 20 months with which you lay a complete foundation to understand and analyze body language at a high level. 

Individually or in groups you follow the courses and work towards the completion of your studies with a final thesis at HBO/University level. 

What is not said may be important!

Masterclasses & Workshops


Body language as an integral part of communication.

Thoughts expressed by the body.

Knowledge about body language gives you an advantage in negotiations, at work, on the street or at home.

Learn what the body tells us anticipating on thoughts!


A 5-day eye opener. Students 20% discount. Body language as an integral part of communication. The shortcut for every professional and good listener.

Level A

First year training as a specialist in the field of non-verbal communication & body language. Origin, characteristics and meaning of body language. Students 20% discount.

Level B 

2nd year training: deepening with the origin and characteristics of emotions, authenticity and congruence. Extensive video analysis and research.

Students 20% discount.

ELN/BSM (master certificate)

After completing level B, you will work on your final thesis and you will become proficient in conversational technique in practical lessons given by experts.

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