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Body language as integral part of communication

ELN offers an interesting programme: the complete interaction between the spoken word and body language

Practice courses

The meaning of body language: understanding the observation technique and content of body language.

Five modules packed with information about physical reactions during a conversation.

Each module consists of 2 teaching days. Start with the basic module, after which you can choose from:

Module 1 Basic module (mandatory); the functioning of the brain on the body based on multidisciplinary scientific concepts

Module 2 Content and meaning of gestures: cultural differences and logic of gestures.

Module 3 Content and meaning of the hands to the body or face during a conversation: the lexicon of body language.
Module 4 Hidden messages of the tongue and mouth: the unspoken thought and its meaning.

Module 5  Congruence & Truth Finding. Asking the right question. Cognitive Load and Incongruity: Two Different Ways to Distinguish Fact from Fiction.  (module 5 requires module 1 to 4).

Registration/questions can be made via our contactpage 

Zoom Webinars by appointment. Individually or in groups

Costs per (day) module € 390.-p.p. Groups (from 6 persons)  € 300 p/p.

Master program

20 days intense education spread over minimal 18 months: the complete foundation to understand, anticipate on, and comprehend body language at a high level. 

Individually or in a group-structure you attend the courses and work towards the completion of your studies by a final thesis at HBO/University level. 

What is not said may be important!

Masterclasses & Workshops

Body language integral part of communication

Body langugage never lies. It cannot lie.

An in-depth 'master' program: study based on neuroscience, kinematics, psychology and communicationscience.

Workshops and lectures on request.

Practice courses

A 5-day eye opener. Students 20% discount. Body language as an integral part of communication. The shortcut for every professional and good listener.

Level A

First year training as a specialist in the field of non-verbal communication & body language. Origin, characteristics and meaning of body language. Students 20% discount.

Level B 

2nd year training: deepening with the origin and characteristics of emotions, authenticity and congruence. Extensive video analysis and research.

Students 20% discount.

ELN/BSM (master certificate)

After completing level B, you will work on your final thesis and you will become proficient in conversational technique in practical lessons given by experts.

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